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Service € 3,00



Seafood menu


Oysters (14)5,00/pz
Plateau (2,4,14) – 3 mini sea bass tartare, tuna, amberjack, 2 oysters, 2 local prawns, 2 local mantis shrimp, 2 red prawns, 2 scampi 60,00


Oyster tartare, red tuna and caviar 2 pieces (4,14)20,00
Tuna with shredded buffalo mozzarella chopped pistachios and red pepper mayo (4,7,8)16,00
Salmon marinated in oil and mustard with yoghurt and mayonnaise sauce with ginger and chives (4,7,10)14,00
Amberjack with wild herbs, black salt, caramelized onion and wine (4,12)18,00
Red prawn with Campari reduction (14,12)25,00


Trio of flavors (1,2,3,9,14) – seafood croquette, Luciana-style octopus, seafood salad16,00
Roasted octopus on chickpea cream with rosemary (9,14)16,00
Seafood croquettes (1,3,14)5,00
Panko prawns with lime mayo and pink pepper (1,3,14)15,00
Creamed cod on fried polenta chips with caper powder (4)14,00
Sautéed mussels (14)13,00
Sautéed clams (14)22,00
Sautéed mussels and clams (14)18,00
Mussel soup (14)15,00
Catalan-style prawns (2) – rocket, red cherry tomatoes, red Tropea onion, yellow cherry tomatoes15,00
Trippa di mare” in bowl (7,14)12,00
Terrine of octopus Luciana style (14)14,00
Seafood salad (2,9,14)14,00


Pasta chitarra with clams (1,4,14)16,00
Pasta chitarra with clams and bottarga (1,4,14)19,00
Spaghettone Mancini with mantis shrimp and bottarga (1,2,4)18,00
Paccheri with red prawns with buffalo stracciata and fresh truffle (2,4,7,9,14)22,00
Gnocchi or Risotto with scampi cream (1,2,7)18,00
Pacchero with scorpion fish ragù with hazelnuts and lime powder (1,2,4,8,9)18,00
Fisherman’s risotto (2,9,14)18,00
Tonnarello with lobster for 2 people (1,2,4,9)50,00
Spaghettone Mancini with cicada magnosa (1,2,4,9)20,00


Shellfish soup for 2 people * by reservation only (1,2,4,9,14) – cicada magnosa, spider crab, lobster, mussels, clams, mantis shrimp, scampi90,00
Tournedos of lacquered salmon with potato millefeuille (4,6,7)20,00
Slice of amberjack with rosemary and clam stew (4,14)22,00
Prawns in brandy (2,7)18,00
Scrigno del mare (seafood bowl) (1,2,4,9,14) – mussels, clams, prawns, scampi, prawns, squid, red mullet fillets30,00
Fried squids (1,2,14)18,00
Fried squids and prawns (1,2,14)18,00
Day fried fish (1,2,4,14)15,00
Baked fish (4)60,00/kg
Sliced tuna (4,6,8)20,00
Grilled squid with colonnade lard, broccoli cream and hazelnuts (8,14)18,00
Mixed grilled fish (2,4,14) – sea bream fillet, prawns, prawns, scampi, tuna, squid45,00
Sea bream fillet in potato crust with grilled vegetables15,00

Meat menù


Flavors of Tuscia “Tuscia cured meats and cheeses” (7) – Viterbo susianella, coccia cut, salami with honey from Tuscia, capocollo grandfather nazzareno – Etruscan cheese Tarquinia, sheep stracchino, Etruscan cheese cencelle16,00
Broccoli flan with stringy heart of scamorza cheese in bacon cage (7)12,00
Beef meatballs with arrabiata sauce (7)12,00
Eggplant flan with tomato sauce, parmesan and basil (7)10,00


Pappardelle with wild boar ragù (1,7,9)18,00
Pacchero with white scottona ragù with aromatic herbs and pecorino (1,7,9)16,00
Eggplant and provola beacon with tomato and basil sauce (1,7)15,00
Traditional Roman first courses (1,3,7) – amatriciana, carbonara, cheese and pepper14,00


Argentinian beef entrecote25,00
CBT cheek with sangiovese reduction and potato puree in oil20,00
Terrine “alla Picchiapò12,00
Roman-style boiled meatballs with sautéed chicory (1,3,9)12,00
Home made hamburger 180gr. with french fries (10)14,00
Cutlets with french fries (1)12,00


Baked potatoes5,00
French fries5,00
Grilled vegetables7,00
Chicory or spinach (sour / pan-fried)7,00
Mixed salad5,00
Green salad4,00


Homemade desserts6,00
Dry pastries5,00
The following allergens may be present in the desserts we produce: 1,3,7,8


Drinks 33 cl3,00
Soft drinks 66 cl / 1l4,00
Light draft beer 25 cl3,00
Light draft beer 50 cl5,00
Red draft beer 20 cl4,00
Red draft beer 40 cl6,00
Limoncello / Mirto / Sambuca3,00
Brandy / Whisky / Vodka / Rum5,00
Aged spirits (according to availability)
Decaffeinated coffee2,00

Some of our partners and suppliers

Riso principe since 1910

Riso Principe was born in 1910 in Belgioioso, a small village in Pavia in the heart of the Po Valley, a few kilometers from the left bank of the PO. Our rice tradition has grown within an area that represents the heart of the mithe best and most important Italian rice cultivations. the product that arrives on your table is the result of stone processing, a delicate husking method that allows you to maintain all the flavor of the grain and keep its nutritional values intact.

Pian degli Organi PODDA farm Tarquinia

Fattoria Pian Degli Organi is an agricultural company in the TARQUINIA area, dedicated to sheep breeding and cheese production. Founded in 1983 by brothers Patrizio and Bernardo Podda, today it is among the agri-food excellences of Tuscia.

“It is in Etruscan territory, in the locality called “Pian D’Organi” that we have found the best pastures for our flocks. It is here that our Nuragic culture was inextricably intertwined with the Etruscan one.”

Coccia Sesto ham factory since 1947 (slow food presidium)

Father Sesto, a native of Preci (Umbria), in the wake of his father’s experience began the profession of pork butcher with great passion, following his grandfather and during the war, at just twenty years old, he moved with his family to Viterbo, where, in a small place in the historic center embarks on its adventure as a “butcher”.

The Coccia family boasts some important certifications such as the “Tuscia Viterbese” Collective Brand – ISO 22000 “Food safety management systems- Requirements” (voluntary international standard for the certification of Food Safety Management Systems (SGSA).

Cromaris fish farming

The birth dates back to remote 1979 which saw the foundation of the Cenmar company, and when the first sea bass cage in the world was put into the sea. The first commercial sea bass farm was in the Lamjana valley, on the island of Ugljan, making us pioneers of Mediterranean mariculture.

The locations of our farms were chosen for the clarity and exceptional quality of the sea, important prerequisites for quality farming. Of six farms, one is located in Istria (northern Adriatic) while the other five are located on the islands off Zadar (central Adriatic).

Cromaris has a specific STP80 technique – a certification with which the independent certification body DNV GL Italia confirms that sea bream, sea bass and croaker, coming from all Cromaris farms, have been bred without the use of antibiotics.

Naldoni flours

“Our flours are 100% natural, without the addition of enzymes and chemical agents”

We choose the best grains, almost exclusively Italian, strictly NO GMO: for each type of grain we look for the best cultivation areas and since 2002, for greater protection, we have been stipulating UNI EN ISO 22005 certified supply chain contracts with agricultural companies in our area .

Naldoni flours are guaranteed by the most important food certifications. The most relevant one is BRC Food Safety 8 which in their sector is the highest achievable level of certification of the entire production process

Lands of Petrara

The winemaking tradition of the Simonelli family dates back to around 1816, the year in which some documentation appears that testifies to the use of the land for the cultivation of vines. Terre di Petrara was born in 2009 on the initiative of Giuseppe Simonelli, born in 1934, with the desire to increase a production that was previously intended exclusively for family and friends.

The winery is located on the Colline del Calore, the production area of the Aglianico red vine which finds its maximum expression in the Taurasi DOCG. In a hilly area 400m above sea level in a small estate an extra virgin olive oil is produced reserved for the family and a few selected partners

Our fresh pasta

Fresh handmade pasta, produced with raw and genuine materials, is a unique experience to be savoured. It is a typical Italian excellence that combines tradition and craftsmanship. It is the main ingredient of an authentic menu.

In our restaurant it is possible to taste a vast choice of first courses based on fresh pasta, produced daily with the best raw materials combined with original sauces and unique combinations

Allergen legend

List of allergenic ingredients used in this exercise and present in Annex II of EU Regulation no. 1169/2011 “substances or products that cause allergies or intolerances”

  1. cereals containing gluten and derivatives (rye, wheat, barley, oats, spelt, kamut)
  2. shellfish and shellfish-based products
  3. eggs and egg products
  4. Fish and fish products
  5. peanuts and peanut products
  6. Soy and soy products
  7. milk and milk-based products
  8. nuts and their products (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, pecan nuts, brazil nuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts)
  9. celery and celery-based products
  10. mustard and celery products
  11. sesame seeds and sesame products
  12. sulphites in concentrations higher than 10mg/kg (crustacei, cephapolids, etc…)
  13. lupins and lupine products
  14. shellfish and shellfish products

In the case of allergies or intolerances, it is still recommended to inform the dining room staff of the problem

*All foods served raw have been blast chilled as per European regulation 853